Robbie Williams performs to thousands at German energy company staff party

Robbie Williams performs to thousands at German energy company staff party

Take That rising energy costs! Despite current prices, staff at German energy giant RWE were ready to let themselves be entertained with a performance from Rock DJ Robbie Williams.

German energy company celebrates 125 years with Robbie Williams concert

Around 10.000 employees at the staff party for German energy giant RWE were recently treated to a performance by former Take That star Robbie Williams. The cameo was planned as a surprise but apparently, anticipation at the office was too much and word got out beforehand.

Performing his hits for an hour on the stage at Essen’s exhibition hall, Williams regularly paused his act to shoot the breeze with employees and throw merch t-shirts out into the crowd.

RWE was most recently in the media spotlight back in January 2023 when the occupied village of Lützerath in North Rhine-Westphalia was evicted so that the German energy supplier could open the Garzweiler brown coal mine. William's appearance was part of celebrations to mark the company's 125th anniversary.

Robbie Williams' performance outshines Scholz appearance

Indeed, the furore around Williams’ performance was so much among employees that an appearance from none other than Chancellor Olaf Scholz was somewhat sidelined.

While Williams was turning heads, Scholz was relegated to a few selfies before being sent on his way. The German crowd were loving Angles instead.

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