Germany’s Europa-Park to raise prices in 2024

Germany’s Europa-Park to raise prices in 2024

One of Europe's largest theme parks, Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, has announced that it will raise its prices for an adult ticket from March 2024. The price is set to climb to almost 70 euros for a single adult day ticket.

Europa-Park adult ticket will soon cost 69,50 euros

From March 24, 2024 visitors to Europa-Park will have to dig even deeper into their pockets to get a day ticket for Germany’s largest theme park. Regardless of which day of the week they would like to make the trip out to Rust, Baden-Württemberg, adults will have to pay 69,50 euros for a ticket, up from the current 61,50 euros.

Though this is for an adult ticket, “adult” at Europa-Park means anyone aged 12 years or older. The 7 percent price increase follows after an initial 5 percent increase back at the beginning of 2023. 

The park, which had more than 4.500 employees, cited “massive cost increases in all areas, caused by inflation, higher employment costs and the increased cost of energy” as its justification for the price hike. 

Europa-Park to launch new rollercoaster in 2024

While the ticket cost is already quite steep at a time when many people in Germany and other European countries are struggling to pay their utility bills, 2022 saw a record 6 million people visit the park.

Those who do choose to fork out the extra cash for the summer season in 2024 can await the opening of the new Voltron Nevera rollercoaster. At 1.385 metres long, the Nevera is set to be the longest multi-launch rollercoaster - the fastest kind of rollercoaster - on the continent.

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