Storm Ciarán causes travel disruption and delays in northern Germany

Storm Ciarán causes travel disruption and delays in northern Germany

Hitting southern England and France hard over the night of November 1, Storm Ciarán, also known as Emir, has now made its first footfall into northern Germany.

DWD announce weather warning for northern Germany

After it took off rooves in southern England and caused Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to cancel hundreds of flights on Thursday, the German Weather Service (DWD) has announced a storm and inclement weather warning for northern Germany and the Baltic Sea coast.

90-kilometre-per-hour winds have been forecast to last into the afternoon. Ostfriesland in Lower Saxony and Heligoland in Schleswig-Holstein are expected to take much of the blow. Similarly strong winds are expected across Flensburg, Fehnarm and on the island of Rügen.

While the high winds are expected to subside by the weekend, the weather in Germany will remain windy and rainy.

BER cancels flights thanks to Storm Emir

Thanks to Ciarán and Emir, many flights out of BER Airport in Berlin were cancelled on the morning of November 2. Passengers travelling to the Netherlands, Belgium and France, or further on the the UK were worst affected.

“We know that the current situation is unpleasant for our customers and we apologise for the trouble,” KLM said. “Affected customers will be booked on to another flight or will receive a refund.”

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